IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
10-13 January 2020 // Las Vegas // USA


Welcome (Silvia Mirri and Ombretta Gaggi)

First session (session chair: Silvia Mirri)

  1. MyNeuroHealth: A Healthcare Application for the Detection of Motor Seizures
  2. Are CAPTCHAs preventing robotic intrusion or accessibility for impaired users?
  3. Designing a system for assisting impaired seniors to manage visitors' access to their home

Coffee break

Second Session (session chair: Ombretta Gaggi)

  1. Almawhere 2.0: a pervasive system to facilitate indoor wayfinding
  2. Non-invasive Blood Glucose Measurement Based on mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
  3. ProSign+ A Cloud-Based Platform Supporting Inclusiveness in Public Communication
  4. Do Conversational Interfaces Kill Web Accessibility?